We do what is right even when no one is watching.



We are true to who we say we are and what we say we do.


We live our lives in a way that honors God. We give grace in regards to errors and mistakes, allowing people to grow and learn. We are not tolerant of blatant wrong-doing and need to be able to trust all employees and coworkers. We want all team members to take pride in and have a sense of ownership for Renew & Restore Wellness.


We practice what we preach and live in a way that is consistent with the lifestyle decisions we promote. All employees are expected to represent R&R Wellness well during patient interactions as well as within the community. We are patient-focused and all services and products that we provide are relevant and serve to improve physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being.


Flourishing Work Environment

We strive to be a place in which employees also experience renewal and restoration.


We are committed to cultivating a fun, positive and uplifting work environment in which there is open communication and expectations are clear. We practice gratitude, provide words of affirmation and love one another well. By pouring into each other, as a team, we are better able to pour into our patients. All employees are encouraged to take Sabbath and practice a healthy work-life balance. 



Spiritual Growth

We operate with a mindset of building His Kingdom. We provide opportunity for others to know God and make Him known.


No one is required to believe what we believe. However, we are unapologetic about the fact that God is the owner of Renew & Restore Wellness. Because of this fact, all that we do centers around Him. The way we live and operate sets us apart from many people and allows us to be a light in a dark and lost world. Efforts include, but are not limited to, planting and sowing seeds of faith and tithing 10% of our profits to causes for the Kingdom. Regardless of beliefs, we will meet people where they are and love them well at that place.


Community Impact

We use our skills, relationships, and treasures to make a difference in our community and those who need it most.


We are a part of the community in which we serve and therefore have a responsibility to pour back into that community. We will take time and energy to do this through sponsorship, volunteer work, supporting surrounding small businesses and playing an active role in leaving our community better than how we found it.